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Indonesia - Vibin


Every time friends or family visits you learn a lot about yourself. You're reminded of your old self, see more clearly the new self you're becoming, and realize where the current self is. It's interesting how much reflection seeing my people caused me to have. Being around them after eight months apart opens your eyes to a world of reflections. As I travel I become increasingly aware of the energy that I hold. I remember the specific moment I realized how strong my negative energy was. I remember realizing the strength of it, yet still being unable in that moment to change my attitude or my energy.

So often people get caught up in their everyday lives they don't notice the gradual transitions that are happening day by day. They don't notice the bad habits that are forming, the person that they are becoming, or the mindset they are creating. People completely lack mindfulness. It's interesting to be around people who are on your same level of energetic vibrations. Interesting is the wrong word. It is perfection. What's interesting is when you add a person into the mix that is not on that same level of vibrations. The purpose of mindfulness is to be self aware at all times. And in laymen terms, the ability to practice poise and patience when your ego is telling you to throw a temper tantrum.

I am a very fortunate person who has such good energy that surrounds me. I'm very fortunate to have the open conversations and reflections that I have with my sister and closest friends. Conversations that encourage us to all be better that new were before. Open dialogue where we can help guide each other into being a more mindful human being. I am so grateful for the mindful people that surround me. I'm so thankful to be challenged by their mindfulness and to give them the same gift in return.

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