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Vietnam - Living Breathing Organisms

I believe you can transmit energy. I believe in feeling as good as I possibly can in a moment in hopes that that feel good energy will transmit to those who need it.

The Phong Nha Cave, is a massive living breathing organism. It is thirty one kilometers long and stands beautifully in tact in the heart of the bombings of the Vietnam War. It is left standing, untouched, unmoved, containing 300 million year old stalagmite formations proving the earths staggering age and resilience.

As we get older we lose site of that terror/fascination with living breathing organisms. I started meditating in India and struggled to get lost in the "awe" of the universe. I remember being a child and running from the thoughts. If God created man, who created God? If God created the Heavens and the earth and - If the world is just a planet who created the other planets? Who created the universe? We are not the ONLY creatures with intellectual ability in the universe. Who instilled religion into those other worlds? Is religion even in those worlds? They don't have stories of Jesus and the Bible so how can we claim that God created everything? I heard the words - reminded myself of my old questions - understood the concepts, but could not FEEL intimidated by or overwhelmed by the "truth." It's like I've spent years becoming an adult and shielding myself from the fear and intimidation of the unknown. Those thoughts no longer intimidate me. They haven't for a long time. But the Catch 22 is, I want them to. When I was a child I couldn't distract my mind from diving into these depths of thought. As an adult I cannot get my mind to grasp the depth of these thoughts.

We stood in a cave in Phong Nha, Vietnam and I finally began to find myself getting lost again in the vastness of the universe. This cave - the stalagmite and stalactite rock growing from the ceilings and floors is 350 - 400 million years old. We were told that it takes ONE HUNDRED years for one centimeter of stagmite rock to form! We are walking on the INTERIOR of the earth. A place that was newly discovered to humans in 2009. A cave that used to be underneath the oceans surface. The newest found, largest, and oldest dated cave in the world. Sits right here. Where we are. In Vietnam. This is a living breathing organism.

Finally. I could feel the vastness of the world at least - (if not the universe). A recent event that happened with people close to me was resonating heavily on my mind. And sitting in this cave that has taken 350+ million years to form, a cave in utter perfection. Indescribable magnitude, brought me to that moment of divinity. That moment searched for in meditation. A moment of clarity, calmness and peace. That if this cave has survived the masses, the energy, the destruction of the world for 350 million years, then the person.. the soul I am worried about... that soul will survive. And it will continue to grow in a perfect form - and if I'm not able to see in this life, still - it will grow.

I think we are so connected as children to our creator - whatever that is - that we run from it our entire lives. We run from the unknown, the fear of the complexity, we become adults and try to create reason for the vastness of the universe. Reason that is not reasonable and not logical. And we follow that reason subconsciously and blindly until our inner awe of the universe has disappeared. And then. For those who are trying to find that inner divinity again.. they spend their adult life hunting back down that feeling of being infinite. Breaking back down those shields. And pulling back on their inner source.

I'm reasonably sure that my search for the infinite will be infinite. But I will allow my desire to grow nonetheless.

-AS @travelingsnow

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