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Manav Sadhna - Final Reflections

Manav Sadhna. Learnings.

February 28, 2017

I am a lover of passion. Passion is something that had been missing from my life situation during the middle of 2016. I thrive off of passion. I thrive off of seeing other people’s passion. To me, passion is the purpose of life.

Manav Sadhna and traveling to Ahmedabad, India was a concept that formulated completely organically. It started back in Texas at work when I was telling my friend and co-worker, Amir, about our two year, round-the-world trip. His face quickly lit up when I mentioned India and he was overtaken by this expression of pure joy, love and light.

I wouldn’t see that expression again until January 30th when Zach and I were given our first official tour of the Gandhi Ashram. Ajaybhai (whom I’ve mentioned several times before in Manav Sadhna blogs) escorted us around the Gandhi Ashram and we slowly began to unravel what would be our journey of volunteerism in the slums Ahmedabad.

We applied to be accepted to Manav Sadhna while we were in Boracay, Philippines. I remember the moment we applied. Well, the week we applied (‘twas quite the time consuming application). I remember the flame that was lit that day in the office when Amir told me about Manav Sadhna. I remember when I completed the application to volunteer – I remember opening myself up to receive the life-changing event that was going to come of this. Things like this… things that you know are going to change your life… those things are powerful. They are to be paid attention to. When I finished that application I felt the way that I did when I finished my applications into colleges. I felt the same way when I came to the mental decision to get up and move to Austin. I felt the same feeling I did when I decided to run the New York City marathon. I wasn’t sure what outcome I was looking for, what expectations to have, what relationships would form, or how I would walk away from the experience. But I was sure that I was going to do it.

So what did I learn from Manav Sadhna?

  • I learned that you can form families all over the world. Regardless of race, heritage, or religion. Especially religion.

  • I learned that passion exists all over the world. In every little slum, in every household, and in every soul.

  • I learned that entire communities and states – with millions on millions of people can exist without the influence of alcohol.

  • To always take preventative measures, and wear mosquito repellent.

  • That I know nothing of cheese and pasta until I get to Italy.

  • That vipassana doesn't take years to arrive at. It only takes a second of desire to manifest into form.

  • Presence is the most important thing.

  • No language barrier can be stronger than that of a smile. Or of a Namaste.

  • Connecting with your inner source should always be your focus. Every second. Of every day.

  • Every person needs inner self work.

  • Fruits with no names are usually the best fruits.

  • Friendships form differently when alcohol is uninvolved.

  • A meatless diet does not affect my daily life. At all.

  • A 10k can be ran after a 24 hour fast. And seven days of Delhi belly.

  • If the mind can withstand twenty nine years of continuous thinking, it can withstand an hour a week of cleansing.

  • Everything is about making the decision.

  • There is still.. a lot of work to be done.

  • You are the light.

  • People purposefully and organically fall into your life when you need them. So do books.

  • To watch your mind as though it's a toddler.

  • You do not have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body. (This I knew, but I was graciously reminded).

  • We are all a part of the same source.

  • There is no place like this on earth.

  • .....The universe is my family.

-AS @travelingsnow

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