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Manav Sadhna - Day 21?

Manav Sadhna - Day 21?

Bite the bullet when you feel inspired. I think that's the most important thing.

I've had plenty of times in my life where one might claim that I have impulsive traits. But I beg to differ. Well. I beg to differ regarding my conscious self. A self that I claim arrived at consciousness... or awareness of my previous lack of consciousness... in my twenty second year. (Because you know... full consciousness is not an obtainable destination in this life, but rather a practice to be strengthened).

I thrive off of biting the bullet when I feel inspired. My life is a compilation of "I think I could do it's" and "Oh shit, I just signed up" stories. All it takes is one moment, one ounce of feeling excited about something to get any person to the reality of achieving that dream. Especially me. Excitement is an energy that outpours happiness. Happiness is the purpose of life. And what do people seek when they lack happiness? Inspiration.

So if something triggers excitement/INSPIRATION, hold on to that thought like you're riding on the back of motorbike in Myanmar [ more]. Happiness, excitement, and inspiration can be fleeting. When you feel it, let it soak fully into you. Breath it in. Write down whatever thoughts you had that inspired you. Let them grow. Take one step in acknowledging that you heard that inner voice telling you what path to take.

I love grabbing hold of inspiration and following it down the rabbit hole. Who wouldn't! How exciting is that? Some thought... that crossed my mind... for some profound and inner meaning lit a little fire in my soul. Bask in that flame. Let it ignite. Warm yourself with that fire.

I reflect on some of the most rewarding and prideful moments in my life, and they all started with that fleeting exciting idea. They all started with an "impulsive" decision to say fuck it, I'm gonna do it.

1. My application to be a Daniels Scholar

2. The decision to move to Austin overnight without a job or a friend in the city

3. My decision to run my first 1/2 marathon, train alone & run alone

4. The decision to raise $8,000 for cancer and run the NYC marathon

5. The decision to SUP 21 miles down the Colorado River for cancer

6. The decision to commit to Manav Sadhna

And so on and so forth.

To put it simply, the biggest and best decisions of my life were not well thought out, planned, or consciously manifested. They were felt in a fleeting moment, and hung on to with a kung fu death grip. For reasons I didn't even know at the time. And thus has brought me to my newest revelation and commitment to myself. One I'm chasing down the rabbit hole purely out of an ounce of excitement triggered by Eckhart Tolle's most acclaimed book and teachings on spiritual consciousness.


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