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Boracay, Philippines

​Our trip to Boracay was just as lengthy as the rest. We started in Cebu City, flew to Iloilo, immediately took a cab to the bus stop (cab cost = 250 Php), and headed north in Panay for about five hours (bus cost = 300 Php). Initially I had wanted to visit the Kawa hot baths located in a city about 2 hours from Caticlan. But we had been jumping from city to city so much, from flight to van to bus to ferry non-stop, that the thought of going to a town again, just for one night – was exhausting. So we skipped that little town and bet all our money on Boracay.

When you pull into Caticlan from the bus you are dropped off directly at the jet-port to catch the ferry to Boracay. The ferry ride to Boracay was only fifteen minutes. Again, when we arrived it was dark and sprinkling. But the water was clear. Oh so clear. We stayed at W Hostel in Boracay for ten days. Yes, TEN DAYS. It was glorious. We were ready to not move for a bit. W Hostel is wonderful. It is one of; if not the cleanest hostel I’ve ever stayed in. The rooms have wifi, air-con works great, and the staff is incredibly nice.

​You can save a lot of money by not moving around. So we did just that. Soaked up the clear waters and white sands of Boracay, sat around, indulged in the seafood market, and saved money. On average we spent $30-35 USD per day per person in Boracay.

​Boracay’s beach is beautiful. White sands and crystal clear water. We got into an exercise routine here, embracing the 4km long beach front nearly every day. W Hostel had a kitchen, so we were able to cook! I’ve read mixed reviews on Boracay. Some love it; some hate it – dubbing it as a “tourist trap.” The beach was busy. During sunset it was the busiest. I can’t imagine going to Boracay during their busy season. It was busy enough for us during this season, which is their low season. But it was truly magnificent. All the restaurant life is lined up on the beach; similar to El Nido, but a much more massive scale in comparison. Bean bags, hookah, flame throwers (the best I’ve ever seen), and street food vendors flock the sands of Boracay. Their beach party scene would be a spring breakers’ paradise. Visit my VLOGS to get a true picture of Boracay.

-AS @ traveling snow

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