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I Know Nothing.

Actual thought: I know nothing.

A few days before Zach and I left everything we loved in Austin, I was in route home to our perfectly empty apartment with my perfect little pup located perfectly in Zilker Park and had an actual thought. A revelation if you will. I Know Nothing. I literally know nothing. I know nothing about the world. Nothing about any of the places we are setting foot in. NOTHING is planned for the Philippines.... which we will be in less than ONE week. I know NOTHING!

The entirety of our planning time period was consumed with coordinating our life to leave the country for the next few years, selling all of our belongings, and racking up points to get us there (I’ll elaborate on this in a later blog). Oh, and the general map of where we wanted to go. There were no details planned.

I know nothing. We don’t know how we are getting from Manila to Coron. We don’t know what will happen the moment we land in Manila. We don’t know how long we will stay in Palawan. I called my sister when I came to this revelation and began hysterically laughing to the point of tears. What the hell am I doing? I know nothing. I’ve spent an obsessive amount of time planning our exit of the country, but I know nothing.

This was the one and only moment of “shock” I had leading up to this trip. After about three minutes, I refocused, regrouped and was back to the grind.

I know nothing. This is why I must travel the world.

-AS @travelingsnow

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