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RAISE your consciousness. Love. Passion. Light.

Traveling Snow is a travel blog focused on the raising consciousness. My intent is to share my personal growth through mindfulness and consciousness in travel. Awareness of the good. Seeing light. Being light. And spreading light.

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My Name is April Snow...

I am a discoverer, a spiritual seeker, an altruist and a foodie...a manifest junkie, a creator of light...and outdoor enthusiast.

This is my story of breaking free of comfort zones, defining your own existence, tasting the adventure, and appreciating every last bite.

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Pardon the social media PDA. But we're standing on top of a 1,000 foot glacier. And this guy is abou
Visualizing the finish
Discovering icebergs. Today we took a helicopter to a beach on the opposite side of the Kenai Penins
The trek
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