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Bucket List, Item #1: Travel the World.

It is not a foreign concept. It has not been left unconquered by this generation. Or by the previous. Traveling the world is a concept that every person, at one point or another, has dreamt about - and become wanderlust in. Wanderlust, for some, can be a fleeting desire only making it's presence known in those moments of discomfort at work. Wanderlust, for the others. . . . for the others. . . wanderlust is permanent. It consumes you. Entirely.

Travel is exploration. It is conquering a mountain. It is perseverance. Discipline. Peacefulness. It is disconnecting from everything. . . to connect to all that is within you. I believe that there is a Culture of the World. I believe that people are generally good. I believe that love is a super power. And I believe that goodness is found worldwide. My intent is to share what I believe to be the culture of the world. Goodness. Seeing light. Being light. And spreading light.

It's been a discussion for years. It was the first bucket list item. The first that has created a waterfall of hundreds of new bucket list items, new goals and new aspirations. The goals of our round the world trip are vast. They are diverse in intentions. What each traveler seeks out of the discovery of travel varies from one to the next. But one thing is constant. Travelers intend to feel good. And to feel good you must do good. It is the law of energy. So each brick of our travels will be laid out of goodness. Seeing the good, being the good, and spreading the good.

Cheers to travel. And all that's good.

-AS @travelingsnow

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