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Welcome to TRAVELING SNOW...  

Yes, my real name is April Snow. I am a discoverer, a spiritual seeker, an altruist and a foodie...I'm a manifest junkie, a creator of light...and an outdoor enthusiast.

I believe in the power of positive thinking, drinking red wine, and running during the sunset. I believe the purpose of life is excitement. That happiness is a destination you must work for every minute of everyday. I believe the only way to be fulfilled is to be passionate.

My intent is to share my personal growth through mindfulness and consciousness in travel. Awareness of the good. Seeing light. Being light. And spreading light.

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Soaking in the white sands and clear waters of El Bavaro.jpg Life is good
Discovering icebergs. Today we took a helicopter to a beach on the opposite side of the Kenai Penins
Spent triple the amount of time in an airport than on the beach this weekend. But that one beach day
Today we hit the Mount Marathon Runners' Trail. This race climbs 3,022' in elevation in 1.5 miles of
Stopped to stretch our legs about a quarter of a mile from the face of #bearglacier
In love with this view. All of it
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